PC Version of Twilight Struggle Scrapped

March 11, 2014 - 9:29pm
twilight struggle

Special GMT Update

This Special Update is to let you guys know what's happening with the development of our electronic versions of Twilight Struggle. As many of you may remember, when we first put our Electronic PC version of Twilight Struggle on our P500 list, I assured you guys that there was no way I was going to charge your cards or release that game unless I was satisfied that it would deliver a high-quality game experience, comparable to the other most popular boardgame to electronic conversions. Regrettably, after a long and challenging development process, I have come to the conclusion that the current PC version will not meet that standard, at least not in any reasonable time frame. Thus, after consulting personally with several experienced PC industry people who I trust and who were involved in the TS electronic version testing process, and with Tony Curtis, our LLC Manager, we have decided to cancel this project, effective immediately. I want to thank all of you who supported us by pre-ordering the game and especially those of you who gave of your time to help us test it. I wish that we had been able to deliver the product we had envisioned in a timely manner. And I want to thank all the folks at RiverMyst software, a group of  really good people who I enjoyed meeting and getting to know over the years. I appreciate all the time they put into the project to try to make it happen and I certainly wish them only the best for the future. Alas, I think that between us, we just didn't have the necessary "PC Game-Building" experience to get this project over the finish line at a quality level and with a feature set that we would all be happy with. And I wasn't willing to keep you guys who were anxiously anticipating the game waiting any longer for a product whose delivery we could not project with any certainty. What if You Have a P500 Order for the Game? The impact to you guys who have pre-ordered the game will be nil, except for the unfortunate fact that we won't be producing the game. I have already deleted the item from our P500 list, so you won't see it on the P500 page or on your Personal Data Sheets on our website anymore. So, What's Next? We are keenly aware of the market share impact that tablet games have had over the past few years. And we've read all of those "please get Twilight Struggle to iPad!" e-mails and comments you guys have sent and posted online. And we've turned down quite a few companies who wanted to do a tablet version of TS over the past few years because we wanted to get the computer game to the finish line. But that's now all moot with the PC game cancelled, so our priority at this point is to get an agreement for a tablet version - and potentially maybe even a cross-platform version - in place. We're not ready to share any details on that front yet, but do think we have an agreement on the horizon. We expect to have more information for you guys on that later this Spring. ------------------------------- We're really sorry that our first attempt at getting Twilight Struggle created on an electronic platform didn't cross the finish line, and that so many of you waited in anticipation to no avail. We're going to take the lesson learned and improve our process this time, as we work toward a tablet version of Twilight Struggle. I hope this information is helpful. Thanks, as always, for your support of GMT!
Enjoy the games! Gene