Now Read This: Life Hacks: A Netrunner Story

March 11, 2014 - 9:57pm
15c4a3940dff98694699e7f847d8fe3c Roughly how I feel when I play Netrunner

  "Try on this definition of “mature” and see what you think of it: Maturity means running toward new things, to see what you can learn, where before you ran away from them," writes Leigh Alexander for Shut Up & Sit Down, in an absolutely essential and excellent long-form piece detailing one woman (and her mentor friend, Su&Sd's Quinns) journey as she waded into the murky and vast world of Android: Netrunner. Alexander takes a good, long look into learning what is arguably a very hardcore game with a strong, and ever-shifting meta, as well as a personal take on struggling with learning a fairly technical style of game in the face of a learning disability. The article marks both an impressive journey from struggling newbie to self-assured gamer for the author, and a friendly glance into just what Android: Netrunner is really all about.