R&R Games for all ages!

March 8, 2014 - 3:19am

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R&R Games have announced the following:

R&R Games, long known for providing fun and memorable game experiences for all ages, will break out its biggest line-up of new games in the company’s history at the American International Toy Fair in New York City on February 16-19, Booth 6131. “Board games are hotter than ever, and we’re kicking off 2014 with our largest, most exciting presentation ever,” said Frank DiLorenzo, President of R&R Games. “Our new games will engage and delight everyone from the casual gamer to the board game enthusiast, and we’ll be playing them all with attendees at Toy Fair.” A wide variety of products will be unveiled, including 5 hilarious new party and family games, 3 exciting euro-style games, and fresh updates to fan favorites including Pig Pile®, 1st & Goal™, and Time's Up®. Highlights include: strike a pose Strike a Pose™ – The fun and frantic freeze-frame party game where players try to figure out who (or what!) their frozen friends are. It’s a laugh a minute as you decide: Is he a superhero or a squirrel? Is she a tarantula or a tumbleweed? MSRP $19.95 for 3-14 players ages 10 and up. Get a Life™ – The party game where your friends hold the cards to the best (or the worst!) new lifestyle tailored just for you, from your job to your roommate to your dwelling and how you get there. The laughs come fast in this game where life can change on a dime … or a card! MSRP $11.95 for 3-8 players ages 10 and up. guess the mess Guess the Mess™ – It’s a race to find your friends in the new party game where players rummage through outlandish locations and cryptic clues to uncover everyone’s secret hiding spot. MSRP $19.95 for 3-8 players ages 10 and up. UnNatural Selection™ – Fast-paced family card game of battling wacky creatures, with players using their cards to alter the abilities of the combatants in fun and hilarious ways. MSRP $10.95 for 2-10 players ages 8 and up. hearts of attraction Hearts of AttrAction™ – The irresistibly fun and flirty game of skill, strategy and luck, where players shoot heart-shaped magnets to cause a chain reaction that’ll win them the game! Strategies develop and unfold, resulting in exciting and unexpected twists and turns. MSRP $19.95 for 2-5 players ages 14 and up Plunder™ – Game of deduction where players are pirates who collect clues, piece together maps, disarm booby-traps, and go digging in search of buried treasure of the other scurvy pirates. MSRP $24.95 for 2-6 players ages 10 and up. New Haven™ – Highly anticipated strategy game that asks players to colonize the New Haven area by developing the riches of the land and building a thriving settlement. MSRP $39.95 for 2 to 4 players ages 12 and up. coal baron Coal Baron™ – Critically acclaimed strategy game where each player is the owner of a coal mine in Essen Germany, trying to run the most successful business by using the resources available to them. MSRP