This Will Be A Triumph: Portal, the Board Game

March 7, 2014 - 3:17am

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Announced just recently,  Cyrpozoic Entertainment and Valve Software have joined forces and will be producing a board game based on the wildly popular, meme-spawning, cake-veracity-doubting video game series Portal.  Cryptozoic is no stranger to licensed products, having released games based on The Walking Dead, the web-comic Penny Arcade, and Joe Hill's comic book Locke & Key.  Valve is no stranger to quality, having brought about the black hole of money and time that is Steam, as well as many of the highest-regarded games of the past fifteen years, including, of course Portal and Portal 2. Over at Polygon, you can find an article with some insight into just how the project came about.  Interestingly enough, Valve, who famously eschews any internal corporate structure, and simply allows their employees to work on what they want, had been working on the project for almost a year before approaching Cryptozoic. There's a lot to be optimistic about here.  This is an excellent IP, and instead of a  blatant cash-in, you've got a project already well into development, being honed by a company with a little more experience in the medium of board games than the creator, and one that is no stranger to licensed games.