Demigods Rising: Clash of Heroes

March 3, 2014 - 8:48pm
demigods rising

Kickstart Some Demigods

In the Time of Chaos, the God of War was the supreme ruler over all the other gods. When the Time of Peace came, it lasted so long that the God of  War started to lose his power. He grew weaker as the years went by and was pushed aside by the other gods. As his power faded and he felt that the end was near, he gave task to his four children, the demigods, to prove themselves as the most exemplary commanders on the field of battle. The one who emerges victorious will become the new God of War and bring the former glory to their name. demigods rising board Demigods Rising is a Skirmish-style board game in which players take the roles of the demigods, commanding armies of heroes to prove supremacy over others and ascend as the new God of War. As a demigod, a player initially has access to 20 heroes from which they can chose their army. With these choices made, a demigod then faces his opponent(s) on the sacred battleground. The closing date on Kickstarter is Apr 17 2014, the funding goal for the project is $49,000 and the current pledged amount is $7,354. Pledge $79 or more and you will become a Hero and receive one copy of Demigods Rising board game featuring 40 plastic miniatures. You will also receive a digital art book, a digital story book and access to optional reward.  The estimated delivery date is Dec 2014