Cipher Ops

March 2, 2014 - 2:22pm

nazca games

Coming Soon from Nazca Games

cipher ops Cipher Ops is a high-tech cat-and-mouse game between a spy and mercenary unit. One player takes on the role of a specially trained covert operative whose mission is to infiltrate a top-secret remote military base and disable their communication and defense systems. The other player controls the highly trained counter-espionage task force who must stop the infiltrator at all costs. Cipher OPS is a ‘Stealth Action Game’ for 2 players scheduled to be released at GenCon 2014. Nazca Games is a small game development company located in Brooklyn, New York. The vision and focus of the company is to create fun, entertaining, and engaging games for families as well as avid gamers. Nazca Games strives to marry interesting themes and fun game mechanics that immerse and challenge the players to create a memorable game experience.