Everyone Panic! IKEA to Cancel the Expedit

February 26, 2014 - 5:22pm
pic1338160_md BoardGame Geek member Zopper-Alf's Expedit-ed Collection

  You've probably heard by now.  Bad news has issued forth from the land of Sweden, and the future is bleak for obsessive, storage-conscious board-gamers across the world. That's right, IKEA has cancelled the EXPEDIT.  First hinted at on the company's German Facebook page, confirmed by the Huffington Post, and having spawned plenty of furor/sadness/randomness on BoardGame Geek and even a Facebook group to save the wonderful little shelving squares. Thankfully, the EXPEDIT will be replaced in April with a new shelving unit called KALLAX.  Whether or not this lives up to the legend, and the exacting standards of the board gaming enthusiasts everywhere remains to be seen. Let it be known that the EXPEDIT will remain on sale until they've sold out completely.  Considering the great gnashing of teeth that has issued forth from the hallowed halls of Twitter, however, you might want to empty your trunk and make way to the land of Billy the Bookcase and strange Swedish food.