MeepleSource Character Meeples!

February 20, 2014 - 6:26am
meeplesource meeples2 Upgrade your board games by replacing boring pawns with amazing Character Meeples! Meeple Source is crowdfunding 50+ new character meeple designs to choose from. From the Meeple Source Kickstarter:
We started making full-color, detailed Character Meeples in 2011.  While our current product line has slowly grown to include more than 30 Character Meeples, we have received tons of requests for more!  Rather than releasing only a few of the ideas at a time, slowly over the course of the next few years, we want to work together with you, our backers, to make 50, 60, 70, or even more characters available right away!
Meeple Source Character Meeples will be available on Kickstarter until March 16, 2014. A pledge of $10 will get you a set of 8 meeples of your favorite character.