Arcadia Quest

February 18, 2014 - 11:27pm
arcadia quest Cool Mini or Not (Super Dungeon Explore & Zombicide) have announced a new adventure, fantasy, miniature game by designer Eric Lang (Chaos in the Old World, Star Wars: The Card Game, Warhammer: Invasion).

Arcadia Quest is an exciting new adventure board game created by Eric Lang, Thiago Aranha, Fred Perret and Guilherme Goulart. It is a campaign-based game for 2 to 4 players, where each player controls a guild of three unique heroes, facing off against the other players and the various monsters controlled by the game. Players need to accomplish a series of quests in order to win each scenario and choose where to go next in the campaign.

Players are able to choose the path their campaign takes, navigating through six out of eleven available scenarios, so each time the campaign is played it can have a different configuration of scenarios. As the campaign progresses, the heroes are able to acquire new weapons, equipment and abilities that give them powerful options to tackle the obstacles ahead. Furthermore, by fulfilling specific quests in a scenario, players unlock exclusive features in subsequent scenarios.

The rules in Arcadia Quest are fast and furious, and every player can focus on using their heroes’ abilities and equipment to achieve their goals, without the need for anybody to get stuck with the role of solely controlling the monsters.

There are only limited images at this time but will contain 37 highly detailed miniatures, 252 cards, over 300 tokens, 9 double sided game tiles and 9 custom dice.