Archipelago: War and Peace

February 13, 2014 - 11:39pm

Coming Soon from Ludically and Chrisophe Boelinger

WarPeace.Cover.EN After decades of exploration, disputes arise among the colonizing European nations over the discovered lands, resources and trade routes. Old-continent quarrels become new again in the colonies.  War & Peace introduces 40 new beautifully and individually illustrated evolution cards consisting of 20 character and 20 progress cards. WarPeace.Cards.EN10 You will be able to combine them with the base game's evolution cards or use them as a complete replacement. Your games will become even richer and more varied. The cards are more aggressive. They are interactive, original, and sometimes drastic. They cover the major themes of war, peace, and trade, among others. With War & Peace, add spice to your games and make your copy of Archipelago new again! Contents: 40 cards, 1 card tray, 1 rulebook