War Games & War Game-Creator Volko Runke In the Main Stream

February 14, 2014 - 12:02am
Courtesy of BGG.com Courtesy of BGG.com

Recently the Washington Post published a fantastic article profiling game designer Volko Ruhnke.  In the process of bringing a good amount of attention to a very niche, and hard-core branch of the board gaming world, the Post offers up a good insight into the man responsible for the creation of such highly regarded titles as LabyrinthAndead AbyssWilderness War, and his latest release: A Distant Plain.  Ruhnke, a CIA analyst, and apparently quite a the old-timey gun enthusiast (just look at the pictures, you'll see what I mean) talks about the culture and process as well, and the writer gives a well-written account of just what playing one of his games is like. Frankly, this is a style of gaming that I'm not terribly familiar with, but reading the article certainly stoked my interest.  The complicated styles, and very interesting and non-traditional themes of his games (Andean Abyss, for example, is about the 90's insurgency in Colombia of all things), again, all very thoroughly addressed by the author, are painted in a very intriguing light.