Cross Hares: Testing Ground!

February 8, 2014 - 12:42am

cross hares

Coming this March from 1A Games!

It’s a classic interactive fantasy adventure board game with a modern day twist. Each step of the journey has the potential to mean fortune or failure. So tread lightly, use your items and abilities wisely, and never trust anyone. Traps, enemies and the land itself are against you. Lose your way and all is lost, but what lies at the end of the path is worth the risk. See you at the testing grounds. Cross Hares is an exciting interactive fantasy adventure board game series for 2-4 players from artist-storyteller Jesse Labbé, co-creator of AmityInk’s Berona’s War graphic novel series. The first title in the Cross Hares series is Testing Ground and will have expansions, graphic novels, and digital apps in the future.