Elementary: The Chemistry Card Game

February 3, 2014 - 11:02pm
elementary Today, designer Gary Kagan announced his chemical compounding new card game:
Welcome to Elementary, where players become Scientists as they compete to see who can craft the most potent compounds! Through skillful use of Lab Techniques, Element management and clever action play, opponents gather the right combination of Elements and Bonds to score their chemical creation! But beware! Your esteemed colleagues are doing the same! Will they sabotage your best efforts? Or will you both end up in smoke? This game is in the final play test and marketing stages and planned for a kickstart this year. It's my first table top card game, and I have been putting in a lot of work to ensure you have a good time playing. A video and the instructions can be found in the links below.
Kagan will be conducting demos at Dreamation later this month in Morristown, New Jersey.