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February 3, 2014 - 10:55pm

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Coming this spring, Akrotiri is a great new two-player game from Canadian designers Jay Cormier & Sen-Foong Lim. It will take you on a voyage to wonderful paradise islands where you will try to discover ancient temples and treasures. This game will fit wonderfully in our « 2-player » collection and you will love it instantly. Akrotiri combines tile placement, hand management, as well as some pick-up and delivery. You will soon be able to embark on this adventure and discover this great game. An interesting mechanic in Akrotiri is that each player will have a little hidden knowledge about this player built tile laying game.  Each player is given a secret map card that provides a location to a hidden temple waiting to be found and excavated.

Pocket Battles Confederacy vs Union

pocket battles This fourth great battle is making its way to the Pocket Battles collection this spring! Will the Confederacy General rally Sharpshooters, Cavalry, and Militia? Or will he mount a mix of Infantry and heavy guns? Will the Union deploy heavy artillery and Volunteers to face this onslaught? The choice is yours! Choose your side, and choose it well, for who will win; only time will tell. And all three previous Pocket Battles titles will return to stores at the same time as this fourth Pocket Battles game arrives!



Many beautiful trees will soon grow in your home, for Arboretum will be coming your way this spring. Under the trees, life is a breeze. Different colored trees will fill your arboretum and immerse you in a wonderful sense of freedom. Making the most beautiful arboretum is not an easy task and much planning is necessary in order to create wondrous paths. Which species of tree will you choose as your staple? Lilac, Willow or maybe Maple? Manage your hand wisely to keep your trails pleasing. Correctly dispose your tree cards and your arboretum will be gleaming! In this strategy card game, players utilize mechanics like set collection, hand management, and tile-laying to create gorgeous gardens.