Cities of Darkscorch, a Fantasy, Rock'n'Roll Board Game

January 31, 2014 - 11:24pm
cities of darkscortch Numero Group has announced a new fantasy, rock themed board game coming this May. In the brave tradition of George and Charles Parker, Milton Bradley, and Gary Gygax comes Cities of Darkscorch—the Numero Group’s embattled first attempt at board game creation. Cities is the playable companion to Warfaring Strangers: Darkscorch Canticles, our 48th mainline release and a harrowing dive into the Stygian caverns of the American hard rock underground. A dice-rolling, card-driven, heavy rock band van ride through a fantasy landscape, Cities of Darkscorch could not begin to exist without Robert Soden, who, in 1975, set about creating a tapestry of maps, floorplans, and dungeon schema—the D&D-based lands of Eldara.  Expanding upon Soden’s meticulous vision, Cities of Darkscorch required newly commissioned card art and band logos to summon up a gravely themed mythical land of desolate outposts, warring bands, and the familiar ills that befall them. Roleplaying as any of Darkscorch Canticles’ sixteen determined bands, one to six players traverse the broken roads of Darkscorch—battling such forbidding quartets as Grimsword, Narcissus, Ass-Centaur and 97 more—to collect city banners from such pits of hard rock competition as Afterdath, Wizard’s Wellspring, and Throk. Along the way, players may augment their bands through the use of fate cards with new artwork from the demented minds of John McGavock McConnell and Eliza Childress. Packaged in a custom game box with new artwork by Robert Soden, in a limited edition of 1500, Cities of Darkscorch includes the following elements: • 25×25 full color Cities of Darkscorch Gameboard • 16 Wooden Player Tokens/45 Adapters • 6 Banner Boards • 100 Fate Cards • 100 Foe Cards • 1 20-Sided Combat Die • 1 6-Sided Movement Die • 1 4-Sided Performer Die • 1 Instruction book • Warfaring Strangers: Darkscorch Canticles 2LP and CD with alternate cover art by Robert Soden. Cities of Darkscorch, Supa Edition — limited to 500 copies.  Cities of Darkscorch, Supa Edition includes all of the elements of Numero’s Cities of Darkscorch game, plus a bonus 7” featuring “Animal Woman” b/w “Red Brained Woman” by LA heavy rock honchos Supa Chief. Also included is a custom-printed guitar pick, which serves double duty as an additional Cities of Darkscorch Player Token. Full color pic sleeve features a game board map extension, complete with its own exclusive Darkscorch city.