Patchistory coming to U.S.

January 25, 2014 - 6:17pm
Patchistory Deinko Games and StuntKite Publishing have partnered to bring Patchistory to North America.
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This civilization building game received a lot of buzz at Speil 2013.  It is for two to four players with a play time 120 minutes.  Patchistory plays over 15 rounds, broken into three eras and each round consists of phases taken in turn order. Players bid on land cards with money.  After winning a card, the player patches that land card.  Each land card is divided into colored sections and the card is placed under or over an area of a card currently in  the play area, "patching" them together.  Players collect resources based on their land tiles and assigning descendants to some tiles give bonuses.  Trade routes are boards that connect two players and after a descendant's movement completes a route, players can either ally, and get a better trade route, or go to war.  The goal of the game is for players to have the most culture, or victory points, to win. StuntKite is currently editing the game and expect a May 2014 release date.