Vikings Reprint

January 24, 2014 - 12:44am
vikings Step aside 9th century pricing and Norse raiding... Vikings, designed by Michael Kiesling, orginally published by Hans im Glück game, has been picked up for a reprint by Z-Man games.  This spring you can lead your Vikings to discover islands and claim your fortune. In Vikings, two to four players do not pillage each other but bid against them to buy tiles and Viking meeples.  The main game board has a spinning roundel used for the offering each round.  At the start of the round, an offering of 12 sets are placed around the roundel.  A set consists of a randomly drawn Viking meeple and tile.  The cost of each set is determined by the roundel and if there is not a set at zero, the roundel is rotated clockwise to the next available set.  The current player purchases a set and immediately place the tile and Viking in their play area.  Alternating in clockwise order, players continue to purchase available sets.  Once all the offerings have been taken, the round ends and players score their play area.  After six rounds, players conduct a final scoring phase and the most successful Viking leader wins the game. Components, from the 2007 edition, included 1 main game board and 4 player bases, 8 player markers (2 in each player color), 45 cardboard coins, 78 viking meeples with a cloth bag, and 76 tiles. Only a reprint has been announced; no news on Z-Man making any updates to the game.