A worker bee -worker placement game on KS

November 13, 2019 - 7:39am

Well, if there was ever a theme that screamed "worker placement" I guess it would have to be "worker bees"! Honey Buzz is a new game being Kickstarted by Elf Creek Games, who brought us the second edition of Atlantis Rising and End of the Trail.

"Honey Buzz is a "worker bee" placement game where you'll expand your own beehive, forage for nectar and pollen, make different varieties of honey, and sell your honey at the bear market. But there's only so much nectar to go around, and finding the right combinations to fulfill the woodland creatures' wants-as well as the queen's orders - will keep you buzzing"

Honey Buzz has tripled it's funding goal already and has several more weeks left in the campaign. It sports some gorgeous artwork with some deluxe upgrades available (including thick acrylic tiles and bee meeples. Honey Buzz is certain to delight families. You can check it out on Kickstarter here.