Be the fastest around Chicago in their very own network and route game, EL: The Chicago Transit Adventure

November 12, 2019 - 6:32am

Those who love train games are quite spoiled for choice already, but it's not everyday that we get to cover one that is made by and for a major US city. EL: The Chicago Transit Adventure is designed by Transit Tees, an official merchandiser of the Chicago Transit Authority, and it's produced in the midwest as well. The game features a painstakingly accurate map of the city's elevated train system with it's various interconnecting bus routes and challenges players to be the fastest to make it to all the destinations in their hand. Various events, such as baseball games, festivals, holidays, and pigeon swarms delay or hasten certain routes, so careful planning and a bit of luck is key.

"It riffs on the joys and travails all CTA riders are quick to relate to, and the featured landmarks—such as the Art Institute of Chicago, Garfield Park Conservatory, Wrigley Field and the Bahá'í Temple—help orient travelers and promote Chicago’s world-renowned public transit system. In addition to train lines, EL players can make use of bus transfers between trains to strategically reach their destinations faster."

This isn't the first game produced for the Chicago Transit Authority, actually. Their first was called LOOP: The Elevated Card Game, a matching game similar to UNO but instead of matching colors and numbers you match lines or stations in order to keep travel moving. EL is a family weight game as well, to be sure, but definitely has more to show and love with it's detailed map and relate-able premise. For those interested in learning more about EL, it will be available for preorder here, with the first orders available November 25th, and it will be proudly displayed in both Transit Tees stores shortly before that.

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