Skytopia: In the Circle of time by Cosmodrome Games

October 29, 2019 - 8:09am

Skytopia: in the circle of time, designed by Ivan Lashin, is a game where time matters as players attempt to become the leader of the sky city and gain influence in the land of Skytopia! This 2-4 player game will have players build their engines and place their workers to obtain prestige for their sky city.

Of course, no great city can be built without the help of golems. Players
will send out golems to their construction site to help build their cities. The
game is about time management as players decide whether to use up more
resources for the sake of completing buildings quicker or risk moving
construction along too slowly. All of this comes together to create a worker
placement, engine building game that requires players to strategically develop plans for their city.

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