Popular Mechanics updates its 50 Best New Board Games

October 27, 2019 - 11:57am

A recurring feature on Popular Mechanics for the past several years has been their 50 Best New Board Games.  Their board game appreciation has grown over the years and they have done well to keep pace with the hits in the board game industry.  The list is now updated 2-3 times a year to reflect new games and new discoveries.  Older board games still make the list like the Dice Tower Game of the Year award winners from the past several years Gloomhaven, Root, and Scythe.  Other top-rated games on Board Game Geek also populate the list.  So what’s new to the list?  Three new games from 2019 make the list: Res Arcana, Tiny Towns, and Jaws. Two games from 2018 get noticed: Chronicles of Crime, and Pipeline. Plus the first expansion, Game of Thrones: Mother of Dragons, makes the list.  Each entry on the list is accompanied by several short paragraphs about the game and what it offers game players, giving Popular Mechanics readers good insight to our board game hobby.

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