Ettin pits two against the world

October 27, 2019 - 11:52am

Wizkids has announced Ettin, a strategic card drafting game.  In Ettin, players create teams of two nations, draft units to recruit and deploy, waging wars of might and magic to defeat the other players. The game comes with eight nations that can be mixed and matched to create different allied combinations for dozens of combinations.  The game supports up to 8 players, but multiple copies of the game can be played together to support epic battles of 16 or more players.  This world-wide brawl is played in just three rounds and takes about an hour to play. Ettin contains a game board, 8 nation mats, a mercenary nation mat, 120 nation cards, 101 mercenary cards, 36 adventure cards, tokens, dice and more. Look for this game in early 2020.

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