White Wizard Games picks up Kapow! for a 2020 reprint

October 27, 2019 - 11:50am

Kapow! is a dueling superhero game with buildable dice. It first came out via a successful Kickstarter campaign in November 2017. Now the game will receive a wider release and an expansion of the game universe from White Wizard Games in 2020. The game is for two players, but can be expanded to three or four players in additional modes. The two player game pits a super hero against a super villain.

Each round, players roll dice behind a screen and assign them to eligible action spaces, based on the symbol rolled. Some action spaces require a combination of symbols. After dice are assigned, players reveal their action boards, resolve a combat sequence, and then power up their dice by die faces. In the basic game, players utilize the action spaces on either the super hero or super villain player boards. In the advanced game, each player gains an additional board of action spaces based on the hero or villain they have chosen, adding variability to the game.

Kapow! was designed by Larry Bogucki, Douglas Hettrick, and Carl Van Ostrand. Read more about the game in the White Wizards Games announcement.