Pegasus Spiele Game Night at SPIEL‘19

October 20, 2019 - 9:04am

Undoubtedly, Speil '19 (Essen) is one of the hottest yearly board game conventions to attend. With so much to do and see, we thought we'd share some news from one of our favorite game publishers, Pegasus Spiele.

"For 29€ attendees will get their ticket as well as a Goodie Bag which is amongst others filled with an exclusive Fog of Love promo, a promo for the new Portal Games Family Plus Game Prêt-à-Porter and the Super Power pack with one Super Power for 30 Pegasus Spiele titles, including novelties like Kitchen Rush and Tricky Druids as well as classics like Great Western Trail and Port Royal. Furthermore it contains the games nimble and Gamer over! as well as the UNDO promocase Versunkene Träume. In addition, the Goodie Bag designed only for this occasion contains a linen dice bag with a D50 from Dice4Friends, a XXL Kingdomino meeple, an Evidence scoring sheet as a rewritable postcard, the Werwölfe dog and cat promos, the kangaroo as a new animal for Krasse Kacke, a Pegasus Spiele magnet, a The Dwarves Artbook and a set of dice for The Dwarves, a new Imperial Settlers: Roll & Write village sheet and a Cthulhu notebook "

Among those that will also be attending are Michael Kiesling, designer of Azul, winner of the „Spiel des Jahres“ award and Matt Leacock with his novelty ERA - Das Mittelalt.

You can click here for more details.