theOP brings party game Match-O-Rama to Target stores

October 13, 2019 - 6:22pm

“Hey everybody, it’s time for MATCH-O-RAMA™! Trade in the usual dice-rolling routine for a game night that will have you looking for lights and cameras—can you dig it?”

Publisher theOP, previously known as USAopoly, has announced the hilarious new game-show-style party game, Match-O-Rama from lead designer Pat Marino (Die Hard: The Nakatomi Heist Board Game). In Match-O-Rama, 4-8 friends come to the table armed with a dry erase board and a prediction wheel. A category is chosen from the deck of cards, such as “local sports teams” or “classes you hated in high school”. Everybody then writes down answers they feel other players are likely to pick. The prediction wheel allows you to decide if your answer will come up within the next 2 players, or the next 4 four players around the table. The tighter your prediction, the more points you earn. Everybody reveals their answers and points are given. The first player to 35 points wins the whole shebang in Match-O-Rama.

Match-O-Rama is available now exclusively at Target stores. The game comes with 8 dry erase boards and prediction wheels, 100 category cards, and 60 scoring tokens. For more information, check out theOP’s website here.

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