Eggertspiel offers organizational neoprene mat and sticker sheets for Era

October 13, 2019 - 6:02pm

One of the big hits from GenCon 2019 was Matt Leacock’s spiritual successor to Roll Through the Ages, the roll-and-build game Era: Medieval Age. People loved the tactile nature of gathering buildings and walls, and creating a city to score on their peg board. The one criticism people had about the game was that the yellow player boards were difficult to read.

Eggertspiel has heard the mandate of the people, and is now offering sticker sheets for the game to make the labeling more clear. By visiting the Eggertspiel webpage here, players can have these sticker sheets mailed to them for the cost of postage. The company wants to make it clear that retail versions of the game will be coming with sticker sheets attached, so please only request a sheet if your copy did not come with one supplied. Additionally, when Era was displayed at GenCon, the buildings and pieces were neatly organized on a custom mat. People were so enamored with this mat, that Eggertspiel has now made it available in neoprene through their web store. For more details on the mat, please visit Eggertspiel here

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