Board & Dice sponsoring charity walk through the halls of Essen 2019

October 13, 2019 - 2:44pm

For all those wanting to give back, and happen to be in Germany, publisher Board and Dice is sponsoring a special charity event for those attending Essen Spiel. Called Walk the Halls, the event is a simple one, taking advantage of the single thing most attendees are doing too much of anyway – walking. Anyone interested should first purchase the 10 Euro Charity product from the company here. Then, while at Essen Spiel (October 24-27) use any app or product to count steps, something a lot of you are already doing. Finally, during the last day at Essen, visit Board & Dice at booth C112, Hall2, to pick up a special medal.

All proceeds for the Walk will be going to the charity EFC – The Roman Czernecki’s Educational Foundation. An education focused charity, EFC is best summed up by Igor Czernecki, the Chairman of the Board:

“At the EFC Foundation, we deal with education. Our aim is threefold: we strive to create equal access to education, to promote creative, innovative ways of thinking about education in the light of the challenges of the XXI century, and to broaden its definition to include social responsibility and civic engagement.

We believe that non-governmental and nonprofit organizations have a specific obligation to constantly question the means chosen to achieve their statutory ends. It is hard to come by constructive criticism in philanthropy – there is no market verification or disenchanted voters. A grateful recipient is always at hand. Yet it is precisely the financial and political independence of NGOs that should oblige them to incessantly question how they spend their money. In any subcategory of human interaction with one-another or the environment there is a scale of the good, which can be achieved for one dollar. Yes, it is a subjective scale and yes, its extremities are an ideal, but this does not mean we should not work with this scale always on our minds. Constantly striving for the most good is what makes philanthropy the true ‘love of man’. “

Anyone wishing to spread word about Walk the Halls through social media is encouraged to do so, using the hashtag #WalkTheHallsForCharity. For more information on the event and the EFC, please visit Board & Dice’s webpage or their Facebook announcement.

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