Calico now on Kickstarter

October 12, 2019 - 11:06am

One thing cats are known for is laying down in the middle of one’s projects.  While slumbering felines may be an impediment to craftwork, they are a good thing in Calico from Flatout Games.

In Calico, players compete to sew the coziest quilt. The gameplay is real simple: place a patch tile from your hand onto your quilt board, draw a new patch tile from the market, refill the market.  Patches come in different designs and colors but are all the same shape so you never have to worry about a patch fitting in the quilt.  Quilts score points by meeting design goals AND appealing to the cats in the quilt room.  Design goals can be met in two different way and more points are scored is both ways are met at the same time.  Each cat has its own design preference, and the more finicky the cat, the more points that can be scored.  Cats have preferred patch patterns, and some cats have preferred arrangements for those patterns. Once a pattern on a quilt meets the design preference of a cat, it comes and sits on the quilt, earning the player points for the cat. Bonus points can also be earn by sewing buttons on the quilt when three patches of the same color are placed together on the quilt.  Each quilt board has patches already formed on the border to give each player a head start on meeting design goals.

Beautiful artwork is provided by Beth Sobel (Wingspan, Viticulture, Arboretum, Between Two Cities, and many more).

Calico plays 1-4 players, ages 13+, in 30-45 minutes.  Contents include 4 double-layers quilt boards, 108 patch tiles, 52 button tokens, 60 cat tokens, 6 double-sided cat tiles, 24 goal tiles, and 6 colorless patch tiles. Kickstart backers will also receive a double-sided promo cat time plus four more cat tokens. The Kickstarter campaign runs through November 7 with an expected delivery in October 2020.  To learn more, check out the Kickstarter campaign.

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