Shake It Up! Dice Poker on KS

October 2, 2019 - 5:01pm

“SHAKE IT UP! Dice™ Poker has something for everyone! It’s fast, fun, and easy to learn—yet has deeper levels of strategy to master. It’s the successor to Square Shooters®, the original cards-on-dice game. It’s Yahtzee-Meets-Poker with head-to-head bonuses that make every roll exciting and full of surprises!”

Burning River Games has a new Kickstarter Campaign for Shake It Up! Dice Poker, a cards-on-dice sequel to Square Shooters, by the late Carmelyn Calvert. Using 9 custom dice, players can simulate all 54 cards of a standard card deck (4 suits of 13 cards plus 2 jokers), and create all possible types of poker hands. In Shake it Up, players use Yahtzee mechanics to roll their dice three times, trying to achieve the best possible version of the target poker hand. Each round, players advance down the score sheet, aiming for a more and more difficult poker hand. Power Up cards allow extra abilities such as rerolls, extra turns and more wild cards. Players score points for accomplishing the target hand, and bonus points if they create the best version of that hand.

The Kickstarter Campaign for Shake it Up! Dice Poker continues through October 31, and the game is expected to deliver by April 2020. The Kickstarter offers extra add-ons such as leather dice cups and velvet bags, created in cooperation with Easy Roller Dice Co.

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