Root: The Tabletop Roleplaying Game

October 1, 2019 - 6:56am

Last Year, Root won the 2018 Dice Tower Game of the Year award. There was a lot to like about the game, but the theme that pull the variable faction powers and the area controls together is what made this game sing.  The fantasy world where factions comprised of various woodland creatures vie for control of a woodland steeped in a rich political and cultural history brought this engaging wargame to life.

Now, players can step into the world of Root and play as one of the woodland creatures in Root: The Tabletop Roleplaying Game.  In Root: the TTRPG, players can play any woodland creature as a vagabond, denizens of the Woodland who have been cast out of “civilized” society, and venture throughout the woodland world fulfilling jobs and tipping the scales in the conflict between the factions.

Vagabonds have five stats: Charm, Cunning, Finesse, Luck, and Might.  Vagabonds have playbooks that define the roles and actions they perform in the world. Players can choose from the Arbiter, the Ranger, the Scoundrel, the Thief, the Tinker, and the Vagrant from the core rulebook.  Additionally, the core rule book defines three of the woodland factions: Marquisate, the Eyrie Dynasties, and the Woodland Alliance. Vagabonds will develop reputations with each faction depending on their actions which will influence their future interactions and prospects.

An expansion, Root: Travelers & Outsiders, offers six more vagabond playbooks – the Adventurer, the Champion, the Chronicler, the Envoy, the Harrier, and the Raider – and four new factions – the Riverfolk Company, the Lizard Cult, the Grand Duchy, and the Corvid Conspiracy – in addition to new optional rules and more details about the Woodland.

The Woodlands in Root: the TTRPG is an open world environment designed by the game master, though sample maps are provided, including the original Root board game map.  Fans of the artwork in Root will be pleased to finds that Kyle Ferrin, original artist for the board game and expansions, also provides the artwork for Root: the TTRPG, which includes many new illustrations.

Root: The Tabletop Roleplaying Game is now on Kickstarter.  Several options exist for Kickstarter backers from PDFs of just the core rulebook to Special Deluxe editions of both the core rulebook and expansion in a slipcover and the Vagabond Satchel.  A free Quickstart edition of the game is available to give players everything they need to start playing, which is a great starting point for players making their first leap from board games to role playing games.  The Kickstarter campaign runs through October 20th with an expected delivery in September 2020.

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