Bet on crazed rainbow horses in Unicorn Fever on KS

September 28, 2019 - 10:12am

“Few know that whenever a rainbow appears, unicorns will start to race on it to dive into the pot of gold at the end. But all those who do, also know that it is a great chance to earn a humongous amount of gold!”

Horrible Games, the studio behind Potion Explosion, has a new Kickstarter project, the delightfully wicked Unicorn Fever. Designed by Lorenzo Silva  and Lorenzo Tucci Sorrentino (the team behind Dungeon Fighter, Steam Park), Unicorn Fever has an evil comical look brought together by artist Giulia Ghigini. In the game, 2-5 players bet on a magical race between unicorns, as they speed down the rainbow, as unicorns are want to do. Players bet gold to win victory points, advantages, and more gold. The 6 comically bizarre unicorns advance down their lanes, controlled by an A.I. deck of cards, while two of the beasts receive boosts via a roll of the Sprint Dice.

However, Unicorn Fever is not as simple as just watching the narwhal horses run. The unicorn in last can catch FEVER, flipping its card and gaining special powers. Players can cast spells on the racers, manipulating the race in devious way. Assistants can be hired to tamper with the event. In general, players can mess with the unicorns in all ways imaginable.

The Kickstarter Campaign for Unicorn Fever continues through October 15, and the game is expected to deliver in July 2020. Unicorn Fever comes with 6 hysterical  unicorn miniatures, 2 sprint dice, rulebook and board, as well as 124 gold tokens, 80 victory point tokens, 40 assorted other tokens, and almost 100 cards. Plastic and wooden tokens, and metal coins are available in higher pledge levels. For more information, check out Horrible Games’ website on Unicorn Fever.

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