Dice & Ink, a printed collection of 10 roll and write games

September 24, 2019 - 9:02am

"11 designers come together to bring you 10 new games with a range of player counts, complexities, puzzles and challenges. Every game is playable with a writing utensil and a variety of polyhedral dice! "

Inkwell Games has a current Kickstarter Project for Dice & Ink: A Roll and Write Anthology, a printed collection of 10 Roll and Write games, from 11 different designers. Each game can be played with components people most likely already have in the house: pencils, and standard dice, 6 sided in 3 colors, 4 sided, 8 sided and 10 sided. (Sorry, no love for our underrepresented dodecahedral d12. ) The anthology is being developed by Joey Schouten, one of the leading experts on Roll and Write games. Designers included in the anthology of games include several first time designers, as well as Sarah and Will Reed (Oaxaca: Crafts of a Culture) Nathaniel Levan (New Bedford), Robin Gibson (Arcane Bakery Clash), and Behrooz Shahriari (Yogi).

The Kickstarter Campaign for Dice & Ink continues through September 27, and is expected to ship in June 2020. Pledge levels include a digital only version for Print and Play, a bound book, and a set complete with dice.

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