Two New Everdell Expansions Now on Kickstarter

September 19, 2019 - 6:31am

Starling Games has launched a Kickstarter for 2 new expansions for its popular game, Everdell. Both expansions are designed by the original game's designer, James A. Wilson. The artwork for both expansions is supplied by the game's original artist, Andrew Bosley.

The first expansion, Everdell: Spirecrest, allows the players to go beyond the borders of their beloved Everdell to explore the world outside their own. Adventure awaits the players who dare to go beyond - allies to acquire, weather to survive, ancient ruins to explore, and more awaits as players encounter the Spirecrest Mountains.

The second expansion, Everdell: Bellfaire, sees Everdell celebrating the 100th year since its founding. This expansion allows for 5-6 players, rather than the 1-4 of the base game. It also introduces variable player powers, Special Events, new end game goals and more.

If you are interested in Everdell, this Kickstarter has you covered, allowing players to purchase the base game, the first expansion Everdell: Pearlbrook, plus the two new expansions. You can take a look at the Kickstarter page here.