When RPG meets cardboard

August 29, 2019 - 10:52am

Some of you may have been familiar with Game Start and their recent Kickstarter for Fantasy World Creator, a complete environment to enhance your fantasy role-playing experience. Fantasy World Creator was comprised of 140 tiles and hundreds of character, status, and monster tokens for use with role-playing. With over 1,600 backers it massively over-passed it's 8k Euro goal raking in over 136k Euro.

Fantasy World Creator

Fantasy World Creator was a unique system that allowed one to enhance their Dungeons & Dragons / Pathfinder / Insert Fantasy RPG Title experience by allowing for so many different combinations of maps along with creature and character tokens to help in mapping out dungeons as well as helping with the tracking of combat. Well, Game Start has done it again are proud to announce the launch of their Kickstarter for Future World Creator. Future World Creator will up the ante in all that it will provide for your Space/Sci-Fi RPG needs.

Future World will provide tiles for four different environments including an alien planet, post-apocalyptic, spaceship, and city. There will be over 50 re-writable interlocking tiles with over 20 different building tiles as well.

There will be 330 different character pawns with 4 different colored stands to use. There will be hundreds of status tokens AND 16 different ship tokens....and lots, lots more.

Ok, so this looks great, right? But how does it tie to the board game world? Well, Game Start has announced that they have concluded a collaboration agreement with Jon Gilmour (Dead of winter series, Dinosaur Island series and Wasteland.

"We offered our products to him and he found them very versatile to write a set of rules. He will collaborate with us creating a "rogue experience" game using the contents of the Core box and the expansion of Future World Creator. He was looking for a product that would allow him to brush up one of his very first successes, "Pocket dungeon" and to evolve it. He found this opportunity in our "World Creator" series. The set of rules will be associated only to Future World for now and presented during the campaign as a paid addon."

So head over to Kickstarter and get in on this now to enhance your RPG experience. And anyone that pledges during the first 48H will be able to obtain this cool mini. Be sure to also check out the app that can be viewed here.