Lucky Duck Games publishing Paranormal Detectives for all you ghost hunters

August 24, 2019 - 11:28pm

Take Mysterium and turn it up to eleven. What you get is Paranormal Detectives, scheduled for release at Essen and in the U.S. this December by Lucky Duck Games. One player is the ghost, who has died. One to five other players are detectives trying to competitively figure out (1) who did it, (2) the motive, (3) where it happened, (4) how it happened, and (5) the murder weapon.

Each detective player will have an asymmetrical way to receive a limited number of clues from the ghost. Examples include the ghost plays tarot cards, the ghost mouths one word, the ghost arranges a strand of rope into a shape, the ghost does a three second pantomime, the ghost draws with the hand of the detective, and more. Detectives can make up to two guesses for the five elements. If one of the detectives correctly deduces all five elements of the death, then they win along with the ghost player. If no detective figures everything out, then the detective that guessed the most correct information is the sole winner.