Get Fired Up for arena combat on Kickstarter

August 18, 2019 - 12:23am

Take on the role of arena combat spectators, trying to influence the fighters into cool highlights in Fired Up, now on Kickstarter. In this game, 2-5 players will choose battle results they are trying to see, then influence how the combatants will act, and finally, resolve the battle round. Dice are used to determine what influence actions players can take and to resolve the combat in the arena. Fired Up is a reimplementation of FIRED UP! Eternal Moments with fewer capital letters, but the same design team of Giorgos Eleftheriadis and Theofilos Koutroubis.

As of this writing, the campaign has funded and is headed toward unlocking a Game Trayz insert as a stretch goal. The top pledge tier includes painted minis. The campaign runs through Wednesday, September 4th. Fired Up is being published by Drawlab Entertainment, one of the publishers for the 2016 version of Project: ELITE.

Check out the Fired Up Kickstarter campaign.