Goblins hunt fairies in Fairy Season

August 1, 2019 - 7:35pm

Fairy Season from Good Games Publishing is a trick-taking card game where the players (goblins) seek to collect the most fairies.  Fairies come in four seasons (suits) and range in value from 1-8.  Fairies must be played in progressively higher numbers or in progressive seasons.  Fairy cards played each round create a fairy swarm, and the player who is able to play the last card in the swarm wins the trick and can put the fairies in their stash.  Depending on the season of the fairy, the fairy cards enable players to draw cards or stash cards in their points pile. Players may also play goblin cards, which functions as sort of a wild card to keep a swarm gathering.  Players may also play trap card, collecting swarms even quicker. There are four Royal Fairies that players can play to disable traps and prevent traps and goblins from being played.  However, they are very valuable and any players who collects all four Royal Fairies immediately wins the game. The player who collects the most fairies is the winner.

Fairy Season plays 3-5 players, ages 10+, in about 20 minutes. Contents include 64 Season Fairies: Two of each number (1-8) for each of the four seasons, 4 Royal Fairies: King, Queen, Prince, Princess, 16 Goblins: Two each of eight different Goblins, 6 Traps, and rulebook. Look for Fairy Season at your friendly local game store Q3 2019.

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