Restoration Games announces the lead artist for Return to Dark Tower

July 31, 2019 - 4:42pm

Restoration Games is proud to reveal the artist whose work will grace their upcoming revamp of 1981's Dark Tower - Qistina Khalidah. She is a Malaysian artist who has been doing full-time freelance work for 4 years for covers and tabletop games. Qistina was chosen from among dozens of artists because her voice lends to the kind of uniqueness that Restoration's original fantasy setting needs. As per the publisher's Visual Restoration Wizard, Jason Taylor:

“We knew immediately she was the right person for this project. Her work is striking and elegant. Her style of combining patterns and evocative poses with an almost illuminated somberness is perfect for the type of stories we want to tell with Return to Dark Tower.”

There's no other words for it - Qistina's work is breathtaking. You can view her portfolio at the following links, and this excellent Artists of Color interview series that is well-worth the read. In learning about her process and inspirations gives an intensity to her art that you just don't see in a lot of board games today and it will surely be awe-inspiring for consumers. I applaud Restoration Games for including Ms. Khalidah on this project and letting an even wider audience experience and appreciate her craft. Some of Qistina Khalidah's art for Return to Dark Tower will be featured at Gen Con 2019, so if you are attending be sure to stop by Restoration Games' booth #355 to check it out!

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