Dice Hospital expansions on Kickstarter

July 10, 2019 - 7:01am

Dice Hospital, published by Alley Cat Games, is a the thematic worker placement game that uses dice as patients. Through the currently live Dice Hospital Community Care Kickstarter campaign, the game is getting three modular expansions: City, Maternity, and Investments.

The City expansion modifies the intake phase of the game through the use of a 3 x 3 grid of city tiles where players will send their paramedic meeple to collect patients. The City expansion also introduces a helicopter (get to the choppa!) that can be used to collect patients from anywhere on the grid. Which patient dice each player collects with their ambulance in a round will determine which player gets to use the helicopter in the following round.

The Maternity expansion adds a spatial element to the game, as well as some end-game objectives to target. Your hospital will be able to admit a new type of patient die: mothers. Mother dice will produce baby dice (sometimes twins), and mothers will get sick quickly if they have to share a ward with other types of patients.

The Investments expansion allows you to upgrade and customize your hospital with new types of tiles. Upgraded hospitals will attract more patients, creating a greater opportunity for points as well as a higher burden of care.

The Dice Hospital Community Care campaign runs through July 25th. You can pledge for the retail edition of the expansion content or the the special kickstarter version, which includes an upgraded helicopter figure that can hold dice, components to add a 5th player, and some base game upgrades to tokens and trackers. If you do not have the base game of Dice Hospital, you can pledge for it and the expansion. You also scoop up a variety of other Alley Cat Games products through add-ons. Check out the campaign here.