Blue Orange Games announces four August releases

June 24, 2019 - 6:12am

Kingdomino Duel - a new roll and write for 2 players based on Kingdomino, the 2017 Spiel des Jahres winner. Each face of the four dice in the game is one of six coats of arms or a wild. Each round, the dice are rolled, one player selects one, then the other player selects two, leaving the fourth die for the first player. Each player now has two dice to form a domino they will add to their sheet. Like in Kingdomino, when you place a domino, it needs to match on one side to an already placed domino, or be adjacent to the central castle. Players also can unlock wizard powers that provide a one-time benefit during the game.

Detective Club - a social deduction game for 4-8 players that sounds like a mashup of Dixit and Spyfall. Each round, players will play two cards with surrealistic art to best represent the word chosen by the active player. However, one of the players (the Conspirator) does not know the word and has to choose what to play based on the cards played by other players. Players will then have the opportunity to explain why they chose the cards they played, before each player except the active player votes on whom they think is the Conspirator. The active player and the Conspirator score points if zero or one votes are correctly cast. Other players score points for correctly identifying the Conspirator.

Papi Winchester - an auction game for 2-5 heirs of the recently deceased Papi Winchester. The game board is a map of Papi's land divided into parcels that will be auctioned off. The money from winning auction bids are evenly disbursed to the other players. Extra money is earned based on public and secret objective cards. At the end of the game, the player with the most money wins.

Dragon Market - a brain teaser game where 2-4 players will collect goods from boats in preparation for the royal wedding. At the start, players will receive a card informing them which goods they are trying to collect. The board is a grid of water squares with player starting spaces in the corners. Boats with various goods are floating around the water. On your turn, you can (1) move your heir, collecting goods from any spaces you move through, (2) move a boat in a straight line, or (3) rotate a boat 180 degrees. The number of moves you can make each turn is based off of a dice roll. The first player to collect their assigned goods and return to their starting space is the winner.