Four New Games Announced from Brain Games Publishing

June 24, 2019 - 5:59am

Brain Games Publishing, a Latvian game company, has announced several smaller games for upcoming release:

TEAM3 is a cooperative team game for 3-6 players where the teams of 3 players each must work together to build a structure as quickly as possible. The challenge is that one of the players can't speak, one can't see, and one who is in the middle (or thematically, the one who can't hear). The non-speaking player can only communicate in gestures, with the player in the middle interpreting the gestures to the player who can't see who must then build the structure since he is the only one that can touch the pieces. TEAM3 comes in two versions (pink and green) each with its own set of tasks and a mini-expansion.

Farm Rescue is a cooperative game for young children based on the classic Memory game. In Farm Rescue, players are working together to outsmart the bad wolf by flipping cards face up and down and trying to remember where certain animals are before the wolf can get to them. It's for 1-5 players and games have an approximate time of 15 minutes.

Keeping with the domesticated animal theme, Pigasus is a card matching game where players compete to match different animals together. In Pigasus, animals appear in crazy combinations of what we know (is that a giraffe or a gorilla??). Players have to react quickly to find a pair of cards that are a mix of the same animal, but in different combinations. The player that grabs the most pairs is the winner. Pigasus takes 2-8 players and last approximately 20 minuts

Finally, do you wanna a build a snowman?? If so, Snowman Dice may be the game for you. In Snowman Dice, players are rolling dice to build a snowman and get him to the North Pole. However, other players can use their dice to roll snowballs to try to knock over their opponents snowman. It plays 2-4 and lasts about 10 minutes.

More details about these games can be found here.

I like to make everyone's life more surreal. . .