New Thunderstone Quest Expansion on Kickstarter

June 21, 2019 - 9:29am

Thunderstone Quest: New Horizons is now out on Kickstarter. This expansion for the base game of Thunderstone Quest features two new quests, Vengeful Sands and Clockwork Destiny, which take place after the events of one of the previous quests, At the Foundations of the World.

In addition to the two new quests, the Kickstarter includes a promo pack for Barricades Mode, Ezuzrius' Lair. Right now, AEG does not have plans for a retail release of this promo.

If the Kickstarter campaign reaches $400,000, AEG promises to add 4th level heroes as an add on to all of the New Horizons rewards.

For more information on Thunderstone Quest: New Horizons, check it out here.