Burning Cat: Exploding Kittens creators seek to right what's wrong with gaming conventions

June 21, 2019 - 9:10am

The creators of Exploding Kittens are offering a unique spin on gaming conventions next May with Burning Cat.

In keeping with their decidedly odd feline motif and a core philosophy of fun above all, the event organizers plan to offer a gladiatorial arena and a giant cat that will explode into glorious flames. There will be guest speakers, but the focus will be on discovering and playing new games while creators and artists will get a chance to meet and develop new ideas.

"The Cat Who Burns" will preside over the convention, according to the event website, and at the conclusion of the festivities will erupt into "something terrible and wonderful." Attendees are welcome to enter a central arena called "The Ring" and try a new take on the venerable dodge ball called Hairball, hurling massive hair-covered projectiles, or they can do battle in a cat-themed American Gladiators spectacle.

"Inside this gladiatorial cage, humongous, over-sized games will be played. Stupid stunts will be performed. New sports will be invented. We will defy the laws of nature. We will defy the nature of laws."

Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal was announced on the website as a guest speaker and more may be revealed at a later date. But Burning Cat's priority is having fun, according to the organizers.

With less focus on hawking new product lines and more on actual game play, Burning Cat seeks to right what is wrong with today's convention scene.

"We don’t like that most conventions are basically a glorified shopping mall."

The convention will be a place to play games face to face and explore avenues of creativity, according to the website. Artists and game designers are encouraged to use Burning Cat to help test out their prototypes and ideas.

Burning Cat is set to open May 16-17 in Portland, Oregon.