Game Publisher to Testify in Washington on Impact of Proposed Tariffs

June 19, 2019 - 7:15am

There's been a lot of anxiety lately in the board game community regarding a 25% tariff on Chinese imports proposed by President Trump's administration that would include board games, board game components and accessories - and one Game Publisher has decided to do something about it!

Chip Boyd and Neil Gilstrap of Happy Gorilla Game Studio will be heading to Washington D.C. to appear before the U.S. Trade Representative on June 24th to testify about the impact that the proposed tariff would have on Kickstarter campaigns and game publishers that are currently in mid-fulfillment and are facing having to pay these tariffs as soon as their games shipment hits the dock. Chip and Neil also plan to advocate for a change in the tariff's wording that would diminish the overall impact the tariff would have on mid-fulfillment Kickstarters. No word if their testimony will be shown on C-SPAN or not.

In addition to their advocacy efforts, Happy Gorilla Game Studio has also launched a second Kickstarter to help defray the potential tariff costs for their War for Indagar campaign, which is currently in fulfillment and shipping from China now (literally, it's on the boat). The campaign offers an opportunity to grab a copy of War for Indagar, if you missed out on the original campaign, or some additional miniatures, both of which will be fulfilled using surplus stock from the current incoming shipment (so no need to launch another Kickstarter campaign to cover the tariff costs for this campaign too). Note that Happy Gorilla Game Studio assures backers of the original War for Indagar Kickstarter that it will fulfill, regardless of the success of this new campaign.

Details about the Happy Gorilla Studio Kickstarter campaign can be found here.

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