Satirical take-that card game Fraud on KS

April 22, 2019 - 10:09am

Fraud: The Game of White Collar Crime is a new satirical take-that card game, currently on Kickstarter, from designer Pete M Newman and featuring art from long time MAD magazine contributor and Beavis and Butthead comic artist, Rick Parker. In Fraud, 2-6 players try to hide away as much money cards in offshore accounts as possible, while attacking other players with Fraud Cards. Players can defend against these indictments using Defense Cards. After two indictments, players need to make a "perp walk" around the table, while the others heckle them mercilessly. The first player to bank $150 million before receiving 3 indictments wins the game. Fraud uses similar mechanisms to the classic card game Mille Bornes, scoring points while attacking opponents and defending against their own disasters. The Kickstarter Campaign for Fraud: The Game of White Collar Crime continues through April 25, and the game is expected to deliver in September 2019. For more details, check out the web site for Fraud here.

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