Kratos is coming for your cards

April 19, 2019 - 9:43am

CMON has announced God of War: The Card Game. Using the setting from Sony Santa Monica's very successful 2018 reboot of the God of War franchise, the card game will have one to four players enlist the help of Kratos, Freya and other heroes in an attempt to stop Ragnarok from destroying Midgard.

The announcement did not reveal much about the game play. Each game will have a tableau of cards which depict a different "quest" made up of monsters and locations from the video game. Players will work together to make their way through each quest. The indication is that the actions and outcomes of one quest will impact future games. Each player will have a personal dashboard and a deck of cards unique to the particular character they are playing.

"As players progress, earlier Quests will have an effect on what comes after them. At certain points along their path, players must choose which Quest they will complete. Completing one might grant a bonus, but Quests left untouched will result in dire permanent consequences as the players move forward. These choices and challenges lead to new strategies, making it so no two games of God of War: The Card Game are ever alike, and adding real significance to the choices players make during the course of the game."

There's not a listing for the game on BGG or the publisher's website at this time, but you can read CMON's announcement by clicking here. The game is slated for a third quarter release later this year.