Zero Gravity Sport Miniatures Game Coreball On KS

April 19, 2019 - 9:27am

Coreball: The Zero Gravity Sport is a new miniatures game for 2-4 players currently on Kickstarter from Burning Games, and designers Helio de GradoCarlos G. Q., and Mauricio Gomez. In Coreball, players take control of a team, each focused on a certain play style, from the aggressive SpaceSharks to the control oriented BullBugs. There are even Mercenary figures that can be hired for a job beyond your team. Team characters take actions, attacking each other, grappling for control, stealing the ball, or even hacking each other's suits, depriving the opponent of abilities. The game takes place on a clear board, into which is slotted a tile detailing hazards, obstacles and momentum boosts. This tile changes every round, reflecting the ever shifting conditions in space. Be careful, momentum in Coreball is conserved, so it is easy for players to knock others out of the arena, or fly off the edge on their own. Coreball comes with 6 circuit tiles for the floating board, more than 100 tokens, 4 dials, and gorgeous miniatures for 2 teams plus Mercs in the base set. Expansions add another 2 teams, the advanced TechnoTicks, and the team oriented and hyperlinked Preachers. The Kickstarter Campaign for Coreball continues through May 16, and the game is expected to deliver in February 2020. For more details, check out Burning Games' webpage on Coreball here.

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