The Fae influence Heart of Crown standalone expansion

April 16, 2019 - 6:13am

"Every year on the summer solstice, the Fae arrive in the kingdom to take part in the festivities of the holiday. While the citizens celebrate the warmth and light of the season, a dark cloud of uncertainty creates a heavy tension within the palace. With the struggle for the throne still raging on, how much influence will the Fairy people have over who takes the crown?" [source]

Heart of Crown: Fairy Garden is a standalone expansion for Heart of Crown that was previously only available in Japanese from Japanime Games. The expansion will now be available in English and contains all the cards from the base game required to play on its own, as well as many new cards to expand the experience. This set may be integrated with the cards of the base game and with other Heart of Crown expansions.

In Heart of Crown, a deck-building card game, players are trying to get their anime princess crowned ahead of the competition by acquiring Succession Points that represent the support of loyal subjects and influential figures in the empire. Once a player achieves 20 points, they're able to declare a Coronation. This expansion introduces 30 new card types into the market, new artwork, and new abilities from the fairy realm.

Heart of Crown: Fairy Garden will release early May of 2019.

Antoine Fortuin

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