Protect the future in the story driven cooperative game Sarah's Future

April 8, 2019 - 6:13am

The Baloise Group has announced Sarah's Vision, a cooperative resource management, story-driven game for 1-4 players, by designer Anthony Howgego. In Sarah's Vision, the players have control of the Agency, and it's main AI Sarah during an idyllic future 150 years from now. However, things are falling apart, and mysterious events are threatening to drive society back to the reckless days of the early 21st century. Players need to protect High Potential Individuals (HPIs), using the limited resources of the Agency, through 20 tumultuous events.

Only the Agency stands in their way. You take on the role of Agency operatives, dedicated to keeping people safe in the future and enabling them to live their lives freely, surrounded by a sense of ease in this complex, constantly changing new world. The key lies in a few High Potential Individuals (HPIs). They have the ability to create a new technology called the MindNet that will move the world closer to "Singularity", but this also makes them targets. The Agency is responsible for ensuring the best possible outcome for society of the future by keeping these citizens safe.

Each round, an Event Card places 3 danger cubes on HPIs, but if at the end there are no more than 4 danger cubes in each player characters' zone, the Agency has come through victorious. Sarah's Vision is a story heavy cooperative game which emphasizes one thing - collaboration is required above all. Sarah's Vision is available now, and for more information check out Baloise's excellent web site on Sarah's Vision here.

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