A new mode and more comes to Unearth with The Lost Tribe expansion

April 3, 2019 - 8:09am

For fans of Unearth from Brotherwise Games, today's news brings word of new life for the family-weight dice placement, set collection game. A new expansion is on the horizon, coming this July, called The Lost Tribe, and with it comes a one-two-three punch of painless enhancements. It's biggest contribution is more cards to add a fresh coat of paint on the 2017 release, and on top of that more dice to allow for a 5th player. Last, but certainly not least, it adds a solo campaign mode that will broaden the game's appeal and replayability.

"Unearth: The Lost Tribe continues Brotherwise’s trend of offering huge value and playability at a low price point. Responding to continued requests from Unearth fans, they’ve even included a plastic mini of the adorable Delvers that have helped make Unearth so visually iconic. Unearth: The Lost Tribe comes in a disposable tuck box—all components (but the included mini) can be contained in the base game box."

Expansions such as these are very inoffensive, and tend to be no-brainers - it's an all-around improvement to the game. More cards and more players is always a welcome thing, but arguably the best addition is the solo mode. Not only does it give existing owners a little side puzzle to chew on, but those looking for solo games with low overhead will probably want to give Unearth a second glance. For those interested, be on the lookout for Unearth: The Lost Tribe at your favorite retailer this July.

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